Our Team


Megan Ward, President

Megan is the founder and President of the Cranio Cutie Foundation. She is the mother of two children, Annie and Silas. Megan understands the impact Craniosynostosis can have on the whole family, since her daughter, Annie was diagnosed at birth. Megan is a graduate of Kansas State University and has her Masters in Social Work from University of Kansas. She loves spreading awareness, supporting families of children with Craniosynostosis and partnering with the Craniofacial Clinic and Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.


Penny Lyons, Vice President

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Hannah Carlisle, Board Member

Hannah is a home health nurse excited to serve on this board. She see's the impact a community can have on the outcomes from medical procedures and diagnoses, both good and bad. Working with Cranio Cutie, it is her desire to help cultivate a positive community for all of those involved. Her family has been involved in the organization since it began and shares the same desire to be a positive influence on the world around us.


Rob Wonnel, Board Member

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Christy Hoskins, Board Member

Christy Hoskins is a wife and is a mother to three children, Jacob, Grace, and Elijah.  Christy worked in financial services for 15 years prior to staying home with her children. Christy witnessed first hand the impact on a child and family that comes with a Craniosynostosis diagnosis.  She seeks to create community awareness as well as support families of children with Craniosynostosis.


Cam Brennan, Board Member

Cam is a husband and father. He is pleased to serve on the Cranio Cutie board because of his relationship with The Ward’s and their sweet little Daughter Annie. He also runs a podcast network and serves a mean double shot of espresso.